erlotinib150mg erlotinib150mg


Erlocip tablets are FDA asserted thing containing a working substance known as Erlotinib.
Erlocip is pharmacologically requested as kinase inhibitor and against neoplastic activity.
Erlocip is chemically named quinazoline subordinate with protein kinase inhibitor for EFGR related tyrosine kinase.

Erlocip warning & precautions;

Pneumonic harmfulness:
In the event of interstitial lung ailment, treatment utilizing with Erlocip ought to be put off or ceased.
Give some broad strong measures to the patients.
Hepatic disability;
In extreme disabled condition, treatment ought to hinder or stopped.
Keep the issue by checking the liver capacity test oftentimes
Keep up the hepatic enzymes level.
As often as possible screens the bilirubin level, AST and ALT level.
In serious lethal condition, treatment ought to be ceased.
Renal disappointment;
Occasional observing of renal capacity ought to be kept up. Serum electrolytes level ought to be dissected every now and again and decrease the occurrence of dehydration.
In serious condition, treatment ought to be stopped.



(Anti-neoplastic agent)

Brand : Erlocip
Active ingredient:Erlotinib
Strength :150mg
Mfg :Cipla
Pack :30 tablets in a container

Myocardial localized necrosis or ischemia;
Cardiovascular capacities ought to be observed
This unfavorable impact is happens because of simultaneous utilization of Erlocip with gemcitabine in pancreatic tumor.

This deadly case is happening amid the blend of Erlocip with gemcitabine.
Hemolytic anemia related thrombocytopenia ought to be happens.
Blood counts ought to be as often as possible checked amid the treatment.

Use in pregnancy;
Erlocip ought not to be utilized as a part of pregnancy period and prompts cause fetal harm
Bleeding deformities;
If there should arise an occurrence of blend of Erlocip with warfarin causes expanded draining impacts which may happens by fluctuating the prothrombin time and INR esteems.


Erlocip ADME properties;

After oral administration of Erlocip; 60% dose get absorbed quickly
Bioavailability occurs by 100% High plasma concentration time 4 hours
Solubility depends up on pH levels, if pH decreases then solubility of Erlotinib get increases & vice versa.
Plasma protein binding effect of Erlotinib is 93% Volume of distribution is 232L
Erlotinib undergoes hepatic metabolism
CYP3A4 is widely used for the metabolism of Erlotinib & CYP1A2 is used in lesser extent.
83% eliminated via feces & 8% via urine. Half lives of Erlotinib are 36.2 hours.

Erlocip works as;

Erlocip contains Erlotinib which shows against neoplastic development by fighting with adenosine triphosphate, Erlotinib get mixes reversibly to intracellular synergist site of epidermal improvement factor tyrosine kinase, through confining EFGR phosphorylation and obstruct the banner transduction events and tumorigenic activity related to EGFR activity.
Erlotinib frustrate the flag transduction, this may completes up as bar of new cell game plan.

Erlocip indication;

Metastatic non small cell lung cancer;
Pancreatic cancer;

Erlocip is utilized for treating the metastatic non small cell lung carcinoma; it is appropriate for the patients who are cloister treated with chemotherapy which get fizzled.
Erlocip is utilized as a part of mix with gemcitabine as a first line treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Erlocip dosage;

For non small cell lung cancer:

The typical dosage of Erlocip in this condition is 150mg ought to be directed orally by taking no less than one hour sooner or two hours after the admission of sustenance.

For pancreatic cancer:

The standard dosage of Erlocip for this condition is 100mg ought to be controlled orally by taking with no less than one hour sooner or two hours after take-up of nourishment by consolidating with gemcitabine.
Do not co administered Erlocip with gastric regulators, some time interval should be maintained between the administrations of these drugs.

Dosage change:

1. If there should arise an occurrence of interstitial lung sickness, Erlocip tablets ought to be ceased and proper strong measures ought to be started.
2. If there should arise an occurrence of diarrheal condition, loperamide tablet ought to be recommended. In extreme loose bowels, dehydration ought to be happens in this condition Erlocip tablet ought to be hinder or stop.
3. In serious skin responses, Erlocip tablet ought to hinder or suspended. In the event that measurements diminishment is important then the dosage of Erlocip is lessened in 50mg.
4. Erlocip joined with powerful CYP3A4 inhibitors, dose lessening is fundamental. If there should arise an occurrence of mix of Erlocip with CYP3A4 or CYP1A2 inhibitors, measurements decrease is required.
5. Erlocip with CYP3A4 inducers causes diminished AUC of Erlotinib, to maintain a strategic distance from the issue by expanding the dosage of Erlocip.
6. Cigarette smoking ought to be abstained from amid the treatment; this may lessen the Erlotinib exposure.
7. The disposal of Erlotinib is significantly happens by means of hepatic digestion and biliary discharge.
In the event of serious hepatic weakened patients, Erlocip tablet ought to be hindered or suspend.
The use of Erlotinib ought to be founded on the level of bilirubin.
Intrusion of Erlocip tablets ought to be happens, if add up to bilirubin, AST or ALT levels get increment.

Erlocip + CYP3A4 substrate like Midazolam: Depletion of AUC of Midazolam by 24%.
Erlocip + gastric regulators: Alters the solubility of Erlotinib & depletes the bioavailability of Erlotinib.
Erlocip + proton pump inhibitor: depletes the AUC of Erlotinib by 46%.
Erlocip + CYP3A4 inhibitor like ketaconazole: Elevation of Erlotinib AUC occurs.
Erlocip + CYP3A4 & CYP1A2 inhibitor like ciprofloxacin: Elevation of Erlotinib exposure & its plasma concentration.
Erlocip + CYP3A4 inducer like rifampin: Reduced Erlotinib exposure
Erlocip + cigarette smoking: Depletion of Erlotinib exposure.

Dry skin

Abdominal pain
Increased bilirubin
Increased AST & ALT


Erlocip contraindications;

Pregnancy & lactation
Some hypersensitivity reactions should be produced due to patients is contraindicated to the ingredient of Erlocip tablets.

Erlocip uses in


Pregnancy category of Erlocip is D
Erlocip should not be recommended during pregnancy period.


Breast feeding should not be recommended.


The potency of Erlotinib should not be evaluated for pediatric patients.

Erlocip storage

Erlocip tablet should be stored at temperature 25oC (77oF).
Keep the container away from moisture, heat & light.

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